Srimathe ramanujaya namaha
Srimathe nigamanta maha desikaya namaha

Desika prabandam:(PDF version)

Welcome to our desika prabandam Page.Currently we are working on this page and as of date we have some desika prabandams to start with. Our goal is to parse the pasurams with star marks for easy recitation and to present the verses in a simple manner by spiliting the compound tamil words. You are welcome to use the prabandams presented here for your daily recitation and keep checking this page for updates. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files and please download this software for free from here. In case you have any difficulty please email me.


  1. Prabanda saram Text,Tamil document
  2. MummaNikkovai Text, Tamil document
  3. NavamaNi maalai Text, Tamil document
  4. Adaikkalappathu Text,Tamil document
Pillai andhadhi (in praise of Swami desika ) Text,Tamil document

Azhvaar vaazhi thirunamam Text,Tamil document
Acharya vaazhi thirunamam Text,Tamil document
Iyal saRRu, vaazhi thirunaamam and thirunaaL pattu.Text,Tamil document

Click here to listen to desika prabandhams (external link)

More to come... Stay tuned..

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